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Cost Main Barrier To Wider Broadband Use

  • Mashable, Tuesday, February 23, 2010 1:26 PM

A new report from the Federal Communications Commission Finds that cost is the biggest barrier to broadband adoption. The study divides the 35% of U.S. adults who don't have broadband access into four groups.

The Digitally Distant make up 10% of the population and are those who simply don't want to be online. The Digital Hopefuls account for 8% and want to have access but lack the resources to do so. Many in this group don't have computers.

There's also the Digitally Uncomfortable, at 7%, who have computers and the means to get broadband access but lack the digital literacy to push ahead. The last group is the Near Converts, making up the 10% of Americans that tend to be young and have computers but not the ability to pay the monthly cost of broadband service. The FCC is expected next month to introduce a national plan to provide high-speed Internet access to people that don't have broadband yet.



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