The data stress test and the question of retargeting scale

"Retargeting is great but it doesn't scale," says Adam Gerber, CMO, Quantcast at OMMA's Metrics and Measurement panel "Data: The New Steroid."

"You can have inferred data applied at the cookie level and they cross each other. I wouldn't have people think of inferred and cookie data as being separate," . "Is the modeling good, how accurate is it?"

"We get a new data element in and we look at a new proof set we can verify it in. I can tell you none of the data providers are very good," says Ken Roma VP if Strategy and Analytics at [X+1]

"We're very active in in using third party data to get to the zip code level ... The challenge is around reach. No one has match rates above 50 percent for the third party data. We've seen people as low as 7 percent."

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