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Google Has 'Funerals' For Failed Features

  • CNN, Thursday, February 25, 2010 12:23 PM

Whether black was required dress is unclear, but Google held several "funerals" on Wednesday for five Gmail Labs features that were deemed to be unpopular among email users. The search giant also "graduated" six Gmail features -- part of a history of graduating and "killing" test features that has been going on since Gmail Labs debuted back in mid-2008.

"At Google, in general, the philosophy is to get things out quickly in front of our users and not make huge promises," Ari Leichtberg, a Google engineer, tells CNN. "Gmail was a beta app for a while in itself." Graduating Gmail features include search autocomplete; forgotten attachment detector; YouTube previews; custom label colors; and vacation dates, which sets up away-from-e-mail messages to coincide with trips, according to CNN.



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