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State Farm Gets Viral Buzz From OK Go Video Support

I was mesmerized by this Rube Goldberg-inspired video when I first saw it the other day but I must admit that any connection with State Farm went right over my head. Since then, though, I've seen a number of blog items mulling the relationship between band OK Go and the insurance company.

"This is more than just another version of the 'corporate brand meets hipsters, falls in love' story we know so well," writes Helen Walters. "Rather, this highlights how proactive creative types are looking beyond traditional parameters to get support for their work."

State Farm gets to play the part of forward-thinking innovator, Walters points out, by supporting the effort in return for a couple of walk-on parts and a credit at the end of the "This Too Shall Pass" video. And even if those shout-outs went over the dense heads of observers like myself, all the chatter about it hasn't.



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