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Digg Hearts Foursquare

Kevin Rose, cofounder of content ranking site Digg, is big on Foursquare, which recently emerged as a leader in location-based social networking. "Foursquare felt very much like Twitter did a few years ago," says Rose -- who also happens to be a Foursquare investor. Writing in The Telegraph (UK), Rose envisions a world where "eventually my children will look back at my Foursquare data and say: 'This is Kevin's history -- this is where he was on his birthday 10 years ago, and this was his favourite place to eat.'" Heavy.

In Foursquare, Rose might also see his savior. Indeed, Thomson Reuters' Private Equity Hub blog recently suggested that Digg's best days are behind it. "Reportedly courted by Google in 2008, the five-year-old news aggregator has been elbowed out of the spotlight -- and traffic rankings -- by six-year-old Facebook and three-year-old Twitter," PeHub wrote.



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