• by July 31, 2001

According to a study by Gartner Inc, 42% of Internet users check their business email while on vacation, while 23% check email on the weekends. Maurene Caplan Grey, Gartner senior research analyst, said, "We've become a country that thrives on being connected. The thought of communication happening without our knowledge keeps us tethered to the workplace."

On average, the report estimates, business users spend 49 minutes per day managing email accounts.

- 53% of business users check email six or more times a day.
- 34% of users check email constantly throughout the day.

The Gartner survey revealed that business users receive an average of 22 emails per day. Only 27% of these emails require immediate attention, and 34% are occupational spam -- a Gartner term denoting unnecessary emails from co-workers.

Grey concluded that Email has become the corporate security blanket of this decade. She said that executives actually miss them and begin to feel out of the loop if they don't get their daily emails.

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