Woods Takes A Swing -- So Far, No TV Indecency Complaints

TV's spring appears in lamb's clothing -- but a lion could be revealed.

Tiger Woods' practice session at the Masters yielded little-to-no outbursts from the gallery of onlookers. TV and golf tournament executives feared a lot worse. Then again, real play hasn't started yet.

 The Federal Communications Commission has noticed a sharp drop in indecency complaints about TV and radio content. Of course, we don't know what will happen in the just completed first quarter 2010.

 It may just be a lull before the storm. Surely, everyone has a lot of complaints when it comes to television, and always will.

 But as the Internet keeps growing, as blogs keeps expanding, as TV and entertainment personalities keep doing foolish or just head-scratching things, it'll prompt complaints - if not mass emails or those suspicious-looking form letters.



It's those form responses that irk me the most.  People should be forced to be more creative.  If you want to express your disdain for a golf legend, come up with some original thoughts.

Posters that say: "Swinging for the cup... or just swinging?"

So there's still more to come from the TV viewing public: more thoughts about why a "South Park" episode drives them crazy, say.

For its part, CBS isn't shying away from anything -- perhaps bringing more response from viewers. CBS Sports (and as it happens CBS News) president Sean McManus, said the network will be fully covering Woods and his extramarital issues.

He told the Associated Press: "This year Tiger's story is a major factor in the golf tournament and we are going to cover it fully."

 TV's attempt to bring in viewers will also bring in its complainers. To entertain is to shock. This TV season is really not much different than others.

 Swing away.

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  1. Elliott Mitchel from Major Market Media Services, April 6, 2010 at 1:43 p.m.

    Somebody better check on L Brent Bozell, he may have fallen, and can't get up!

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