PointRoll Opens Insights To Connect Rich Media Engagement With Campaign Data

Rich media provider PointRoll on Wednesday is expected to unveil its Open Insights initiative, which aims to help marketers improve their creative campaigns. At launch, the initiative includes seventeen partners spanning audience understanding and identification, targeting, dynamic creative versioning, and reporting integrations.

Open Insights works by connecting rich media engagement metrics with other campaign data to better understand the relationship between advertisers' creative and media goals.

Partners include AOL, QuadrantOne, Google Content Network, ContextWeb, and ADISN. Other real-time parameter integrations with Nielsen PRIZM and BlueKai have been put in place to increase dynamic ad generation and optimization in scale across publishers and ad networks.

Of key importance, Open Insights offers a consolidated view of ad effectiveness across creative, targeting, media and delivery, according to said Max Mead, VP of business development and analytics for PointRoll.

"Better data means better decisions," said Mead. "We've heard from marketers that they're looking for new ways to use data to understand and find new audiences, and to make sure they're serving the most relevant, personalized creatives to different types of users."

A wholly owned subsidiary of Gannett Co., PointRoll remains bent on accelerating the shift of ad dollars from TV to the Web.

Last year, the company delivered over 110 billion rich media impressions, and reported a 27% increase in custom solutions requests from its roughly 300 publisher partners. Meanwhile, over 700 new publisher sites started running PointRoll rich media ads, which led the company to expand the focus of its Channel Team to support demand.

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