Taking Back the Streamys

Gee, was it something we said? We started this week upbraiding the Second Annual Streamy Awards for gross inadequacy on a number of levels. As much of the online video community knows by now, the show was so bad that even some sponsors apologized and voiced frustration with the affair. As I argued earlier, my gripe with the show had as much to do with the content as with the awful technical glitches. The bad comedy bits so overwhelmed the talents and effort of the people getting the awards that the Streamys missed an opportunity to advance the very form they were supposed to be celebrating.

The dissatisfaction was so intense, in fact, that many of the winners of at Sunday's Streamys banded together last night in Los Angeles at the Acme Comedy Theater to put on their own show. As new media blogger Jenni Powell explains in her announcement of the meet-up, the event was staged out of frustration that the Streamy Awards "didn't serve to fully honor the very deserving winners." She and a producer of "The Guild" helped organize the post-awards event, where the winners were given the opportunity to speak for one or two minutes each about the video series they create. Jenni lists the winners that had accepted invitations at her blog. So let's try to recreate in this post the Streamys that wasn't...

First off, there actually was one funny bit at the Sunday show, but it blew up. The Fine Brothers presented a clever bit about the conventions of online video in a short entitled "How to Get Nominated for the Streamy Awards." Alas, that was the video that failed in mid-stream during the presentation and never got fully aired. Barry Fine linked me to the full short, embedded below.


For winners who couldn't make the L.A. follow-up show last night, created a "Celebrate the Web" page where about a half dozen winners recorded their short speeches about what they do, how and why.

And finally, the event itself last night, named the "Streamy Winners Celebration" was broadcast live via UStream and embedded below.

And actually, while we're sure it wasn't just us, we hope that this follow-up event was in part a response to something we said. It is unfortunate that these dedicated and creative folks didn't have the wider platform to show their stuff that last Sunday's show promised. Plugging their stories into a blog like this or onto and UStream may just be preaching to the converted. But let's spread it around.

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