LucidMedia Partners With Click Forensics To Improve Traffic, Audience Verification

Ajay Sravanpudi

Reston, Va.-based ad technology firm LucidMedia on Tuesday announced a partnership with Click Forensics, a provider of traffic quality and audience verification services.

The idea is to improve traffic quality across real-time bid markets for any interactive ad agency using LucidMedia's demand-side platform.

Under the partnership, LucidMedia will incorporate Click Forensics' audience and ad verification technology into its platform to give agencies easier access to click-fraud detection in real-time.

The intended result is that agency clients, and their direct response and brand advertisers, will be able to filter out low-quality traffic, and focus on inventory with a higher likelihood of conversion.

"We are responding to our clients' growing need for robust discrepancy management and reconciliation," said Ajay Sravanapudi, founder and CEO of LucidMedia.



Founded in 1999, Sravanapudi said Lucid now processes 4 billion impressions per day.

Last year, Lucid launched a program that combines the company's natural language processing technology with over 14,000 content categories.

Named Verified Inventory, the app was designed to ensure that online advertisers and agencies matched ads with the most relevant categories.

The tool focuses on accuracy, relying on more than 14,000 categories, ranging from A&E/Amusement and Theme Parks to Travel & Tourism/ Business Travel, and offered 32 content channels -- from automotive to health to sports -- as well as 14 media classifications such as news, blogs and social networks.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Click Forensics clients include Progressive Insurance, Moxy Media, and

Click Forensics announced a new platform for display advertising designed to meet the scalability and performance demands of real-time impression filtering and verification.

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