Interactive TV Not For Everybody

Interactive TV Not For Everybody

A recently released report from Statistical Research, Inc. "How People Use Interactive Television" suggests that nearly three-quarters of consumers are not convinced that interactive television (ITV) is an indispensable television enhancement.

- 72% of the respondents said they were not interested in interacting with television programs, with virtually identical proportions for homes that already have ITV services and those that do not.

- Among homes with ITV capabilities, respondents said they rarely or never use interactive links in TV shows and TV-based Internet and email.

- 73% of those with PPV access via a set-top box buy PPV movies

- 43% said they buy other PPV programs, such as sports and entertainment specials.

- PPV customers are willing to pay higher prices for "on-demand" (VOD) capabilities such as 24-hour access to a given movie.

- Almost two in three homes that have interactive (or electronic) program guides (IPGs/EPGs) said they use the guides more now than when they first got them.

- 53% said they channel-surf less now than before they had an IPG

- 82% said they use TV newspaper listings less

According to International Data Corp., by the end of 2000, 7.2% of households accessed a service. By 2005, IDC forecasts that 79 million households will be enabled to access interactive TV services, representing 51% of regional TV households.

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