Making Recipes Kool With Kraft

  • by May 17, 2010
Who says the shelf life of an app is less than a quart of milk? Kicking things off with today's keynote at OMMA Mobile, Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation, consumer experiences, Kraft Foods, and father, if you will, of the company's popular ifood assistant app for the iPhone and other devices, points out that 85% of those who downloaded the 2.0 version of the app in November are still using it. What's more, the ifood assistant has been a customer acquisition tool for Kraft, with 90% of users not previously Kraft customers. It also appears to be getting men into the kitchen more, with 20% of users being guys, a much higher proportion than Kraft's typical customer demographic.

Kraft has also pushed out a free, light version of the ifood assistant (less calories?) but Kaczmarek explained paid app users were more engaged, both in length of sessions using app and time spent.

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