Adweek Fails 2010 Report Card, Will Be Back Next Year

Adweek magazine has gotten an "F" on Madison Avenue. Or maybe it's an "A," depending on your perspective. For the first time in 26 years, the venerable trade magazine will not publish its annual "Agency Report Cards" ranking the best and worst ad shops.

"We've gone on hiatus this year," Adweek Editor-in-Chief Mike Chapman tells The Riff, adding, "We'll be back in the first quarter of next year."

Chapman says the reason for scrapping 2010 had nothing to do with the performance of the agency business (so you can all consider yourselves as scoring As, as far as The Riff is concerned), but had to do with the fact that Adweek was sold by Nielsen Co., and there's been too much transitioning with its new parent organization for the editorial team to focus on the pain-staking process of assessing and grading the performance of Madison Avenue.

"That just made it unfeasible this year," says Chapman.

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