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  • Real-Time With James Franco & Seth Rogen: The Post-'Interview' Interview in MediaDailyNews on 12/18/2014

    MediaPost: You guys took a lot of heat before, during and after "Codename: The Interview." Were there any points where you felt it might not be worth it, that the risks outweighed the reward? James Franco: Well, when we were first approached about the project, even we were, like "Whaaaat, you want us to play ourselves in a movie that will never actually be made or released?" I mean, we've played a lot of weird roles in our time -- even played ourselves in movies -- but to play ourselves pretending to make a movie just to flush out some cyberterrorists, well, that was a lot for even us to process.

  • The Trade Magazine That Wasn't, Sort Of in MediaDailyNews on 04/20/2011

    First, let's begin by acknowledging that we, of all people, know how confusing it is to be a "trade" these days, but one of our most perplexing trade publishing dilemmas occurred recently, when we got pitched to interview Adweek Publisher Erica Bartman, about the venerable trade magazine's "relaunch" this week, and the simultaneous demise of its sister magazines, Brandweek and Mediaweek.

  • Thank You, Mr. Sulzberger in MediaDailyNews on 03/17/2011

    I am glad you have finally decided to start charging me to read your paper again, because now I will actually read it - again. Let me explain.

  • Hail Arianna in Online Media Daily on 02/07/2011

    So let me get this straight, AOL was spun off from the largest media content company in the world - Time Warner - because that marriage never worked. But AOL chief Tim Armstrong is acquiring content publishers to make AOL into the next big media content company. And it's The Huffington Post that's going to do it. Do I have that right?

  • Since We Have No Place To Go, Let It O, Let It O, Let It O in TV Watch on 12/21/2010

    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, O. Actually, that is an O, not a zero. Get it? Yep, it's the countdown of the days leading up to the Jan. 1 launch of Oprah's new television network, the aptly named OWN, or Oprah Winfrey Network. Okay, so it's actually, 11 days, but I'm filling in for regular TV Watch columnist Wayne Friedman today, so this is my opportunity to weigh in on the Big 0. And while the launch of OWN may not be news to the kind of TV insiders who read TV Watch, the way the consumer and business press have been treating that countdown is.

  • E = Time + R2 in MediaDailyNews on 12/14/2010

    We're not exactly sure how Randall Rothenberg got the nickname R2. It's probably just the rrrrrresonance of his initials, but we like to think it's something more - something exponential. Because in a world of arithmetic thinkers, Rothenberg has been a leading proponent of the exponent. And that's not just because of his tendency to expound on what's meaningful and important, but because when he does, it usually produces multiplicative effects. In fact, we always thought his moniker should be R3, or some magnitude of power well beyond that.

  • When Advertising Critics Tried Harder in MediaDailyNews on 12/06/2010

    In case you're not familiar with it, that headline is an allusion to "When Advertising Tried Harder," the book written by ad industry chronicler Larry Dobrow, who died last week at the age of 85. We knew that Dobrow loved the ad business, that his book was among the first - and best - to review the Golden Age of advertising during the 1960s. What we didn't know was that Dobrow was actually the first real advertising critic Madison Avenue had, predating Adweek's Barbara Lippert and Advertising Age's Bob Garfield.

  • Media Town 101 in MediaDailyNews on 11/12/2010

    I love that Media Town is run by a guy who is one of the richest and most powerful media barons in the world, but who prefers a day job being its mayor.

  • BP, Or Not To Be: Aegis' Napier Raises Some Questions in Raw on 06/11/2010

  • MediaWeek's Burgi To Paddle Canoe's PR in Raw on 06/10/2010

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