Here’s A Stretch, Literally: ShareThis' Schigel Shares An Insight

Tim Schigel of, not surprisingly, believes “sharing” is the new, most important metric of ROI in social media. That’s not the stretch. The example he gave at OMMA Social was – literally. It was for Mederma, a brand that is a remedy for people suffering from scar tissue or stretch marks.

Schigel’s team did some research and figured out that there are 12.5 million people actively sharing information about those skin ailments on the Web, so they developed a campaign explicitly targeting them and directing them to a page where they could download a coupon for the pharmaceutical brand.

Schigel said clickthroughs no longer are a sufficient metric for measuring the effect of brand advertising on the Web, but sharing might be. And he’s got results to prove it.

Traditional display ads running on premium sites generated 8% conversion rates for the brand’s coupon downloads vs. 26% for search and 56% for the “influencer segments” targeted from Organic’s social media analytics.

The key, Schigel said, is “finding both the senders and the receivers” in sharing-based campaign strategies, and “messaging to them appropriately.”

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