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Microsoft: Windows 7 A Great Success

Seeing fit to toot its own horn, Microsoft says it has sold 150 million Windows 7 licenses, "reinforcing its position as the fastest selling operating system in the company's history," writes The Next Web. Microsoft has sold 150 million copies in just under 9 months, selling 7 copies of Windows 7 every second.

Approximately 75% of companies are looking to evaluate or deploy Windows 7 for their organization, said Tami Reller, Corporate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft, at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch U.S. Technology Conference earlier in the month. "One of the things that people love about Windows 7 is how seamlessly it works with Windows Live, our free apps for sharing, photos, movies and communication," Brandon LeBlanc, a Windows Communications Manager at Microsoft, said in a blog post. Meanwhile, according to the Windows Team Blog, Microsoft will today be releasing the beta versions of the new Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Sync -- applications that are aimed at connecting people and helping them share media with each other.



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