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New Downplays Page-Views

De-emphasizing the page-view,'s newly redesigned site touts a "less is more" minimalism, and a single-page-only format, which favors large, customizable ads, reports paidContent. "It is also promising to ... reduce the use of 'standalone' slideshows, something that has become a staple of many news sites to drive page-view counts as a way of measuring audience usage and engagement to advertisers."

In their place, it plans to rely on more "integrated" slideshows, which are part of the page, and thus don't require clicking. Let it be know that " is in the business of selling advertiser experiences, not ad units," an MSNBC rep tells paidContent. To be clear, the new site experience isn't entirely devoid of clicking, and includes a "social toolbar" for posting stories to Twitter or Facebook, as well as email.



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