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Another Big Gamer Adopts Facebook Credits

Social gaming company Crowdstar is giving its nod of approval to Facebook Credits, which the social network recently launched as a sort of universal currency for all manner of ecommerce. Indeed, Crowdstar just made a five-year commitment to using Facebook's virtual currency, and will now scrap its own in-game currencies. "Crowdstar is a big player on Facebook, with more than 50 million users in games that include the hit titles Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Zoo Paradise, Happy Pets and Hello City," reports VentureBeat.

"In adopting Facebook Credits, Crowdstar is following in the footsteps of Zynga, the biggest social game company on Facebook." Zynga also recently struck a five-year deal with Facebook to adopt Facebook Credits in a strategic deal, the terms of which were not disclosed. Without getting into specifics, Crowdstar said its share of virtual currency transactions will be a respectable 70%. According to Venture, Zynga thought Facebook's 30% fee was too much, considering that fact that other virtual currency providers take a much smaller percentage.



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