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Virgin America Looks To Crowd For Ideas Around Contest

  • Adweek, Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:15 AM
Brian Morrissey reports that the campaign, designed to call attention to Virgin America's first foray outside the U.S., centers on a video contest that dangles such carrots as free flights for a year.

"The Virgin America Toronto Provocateur" is expected to tap the power of a crowd to create ideas around the contest in which entrants will be judged on whether they have what it takes to rep the brand in Toronto. Victors & Spoils, the agency behind the idea, is familiar with critics who say its approach commoditizes creativity, telling Morrissey that the democratization of creative services is inevitable.

For Virgin, V&S' video features Virgin Group founder Richard Branson randomly dialing hotel guests, trying to get out his pitch for the ambassador position. Visitors can vote up or down on entries on the Virgin America campaign site, which V&S built on the Google Moderator platform.



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