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Data: IE Sees Biggest Gain In Years

Worldwide, Internet Explorer's market share is up 0.57% month-over-month, according new to data from research firm NetApplications. "No, it's not exactly a gigantic gain, but it is a small reversal of a big downward trend" -- and the biggest gain IE has experienced in at least two years -- notes Tech Flash. Microsoft seems pretty happy about the finding, too. "These numbers are especially interesting when you consider that IE users in Europe have been offered the Browser Choice Screen," writes Ryan Gavin, a senior director on the IE team, referring to the ballot that helped resolve the company's European antitrust case.

"As the Net App share results demonstrate, IE usage share gained .88% just in Europe this month, as customers continue to choose IE8 above the alternatives." Additionally, IE grew .81% in Asia and .12% in the US with IE8 growing 1.22% to over 40% of usage share in the US. In part, NetApplications attributes the increase to Microsoft's "Browse with Confidence" marketing campaign.

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