Vodkas: ‘Affordable Quality’ Getting a Workout

The message of “affordable quality” is an increasing familiar one in the vodka market these days.

Imperial Brands got the ball rolling in 2007 when it introduced America to Sobieski, Poland’s #1 premium vodka, with its award-winning “Truth in Vodka” campaign.  The thrust:  You don’t have to pay inflated prices to get a great vodka (Sobieski’s suggested 750 ml retail is $10.99, versus Grey Goose’s average price of about $35).

As it happened, the Sobieski launch and the “Truth” campaign were perfectly timed to benefit from the recession. Last year, Sobieski’s 580,000 cases sold broke a sales record, and it’s now poised to become the fastest-ever new vodka to reach 1 million cases.

Achievement of that goal is likely to be hastened by the latest twist on the “Truth” campaign, which features Bruce Willis – now a 3.3% owner of Imperial Brands stock.

But Sobieski’s no longer alone in looking to appeal to consumers that have come to consider it hip and savvy to opt for well-made but reasonably priced vodka. Wódka, another Polish rye vodka that’s gotten strong reviews and costs even less than Sobieski (about $9.99 for 750 ml), launched in the U.S. last fall, and is now gearing up its own affordable quality-themed campaign.

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