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Data: Google Rules Mobile

Sure, Google's got a handle on the whole computer-based search business, but how well is it positioned to serve an increasingly mobile Web? Um, pretty well, according to recent data from StatCounter, which found that the search giant controls 98.29% of the mobile search market. Coming in an astoundingly distant second is Yahoo with just over 0.8% of the mobile market.

"How's [that] for absolutely dominating an increasingly lucrative and fast-growing segment?" remarks TechCrunch. According to a graph put together by Web monitoring firm Pingdom -- using global visitor stats for more than three million websites -- Google's near-100% piece of the mobile search pie is even a good deal larger than their still impressive share of the overall search engine market. "As for Yahoo, Bing, and the 'others,'" TechCrunch adds, "good luck taking on Google on that front."



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