RadioShack Rolling Kiosks Into Target Stores

RadioShack says it will put "Bullseye Mobile" kiosks in the majority of Target stores around the country, in an effort to further build its presence in the mobile phone business.

"It's a genius cross-branding move," Cathy Hotka, a retail branding consultant based in Washington D.C., tells Marketing Daily. "Target is known both for its high traffic and desirable demographic, and kiosks selling high-demand items do really well—this seems like smart partnering."

And Radio Shack increasingly wants to be seen as a mobile-phone destination. In addition to kiosks in such retailers as Walmart's Sam's Clubs, it is also a leading seller of Apple iPhones. Radio Shack says it has boosted its marketing spending to focus on its mobile wares as part of its ongoing efforts to revitalize the brand.

The plans to expand at Target are the result of a successful pilot project of 100 stores. It will begin rolling the Bullseye Mobile kiosks out to Target stores next month, and expects to be in the majority of Target's 1,700-plus stores by mid-2011.

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