Fuse Sings Blues To Dish Subscribers

After being dropped in about 8 million homes served by Dish Network in July, the music network Fuse tried to nudge the satellite operator into reaching a new carriage deal in an ad Friday. In the New York Post, it pointed Dish subscribers to a phone number, where they could leave a message urging Dish to bring back Fuse.

The channel is targeted at adults 18 to 34. Emails to Fuse asking whether the campaign was running in other media were not immediately returned.

The network, owned by MSG, was dropped by the satellite operator on July 1. MSG did say recently that a loss of revenue from the dispute won't have a material effect on its business. The cable trade group, NCTA, lists Fuse's distribution as about 66 million homes at the end of 2009, which would be about 58 million minus Dish.

Curiously, the ad does not overtly encourage people to ditch Dish and switch to a provider that offers the network, including Cablevision, which had owned Fuse until recently.

Part of the ad plugs a new Fuse series coming in September: "A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus."

The ad also directs people to a Web site, where they can contact Dish.



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