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Head of Radio and TV Martí Resigns

Radio/TV Martí director Pedro Roig resigned Friday after more than seven years at the head of the often controversial U.S. government stations that broadcast to Cuba. "We have, most certainly, achieved the goals of bringing the news and information denied by the communist regime to the Cuban people," Roig, a 69-year-old lawyer, wrote in his resignation letter.

The twin stations have spent an estimated $500 million over the years broadcasting news and entertainment to Cuba, but they have been dogged by complaints of meager audiences, biased politics and journalism and cronyism.An April-May survey of Cubans interviewed within six months of their arrival in the United States showed 43 percent said they had listened to Radio Martí and 6.5 percent said they saw TV Martí. Cuba effectively jams TV Martí over-the-air broadcasts, but the station also broadcasts by satellite, and the radio transmits on AM as well as shortwave frequencies.



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