TV Reality Leaps Further: More Plastic Surgeons And Higher Hair

Two TV programs beg for attention like a car wreck between a Porsche and a smart car: E's new aptly named "Bridalplasty" and Oxygen's ongoing "Hair Battle Spectacular."

The E show says it all about the lengths women will go to, in a series of competitive challenges, to transform themselves for their big day . Brides' wishes are to change everything from "muffin tops to crooked noses to flat chests," according to an E press release.

Oxygen's hair series about "fantasy hair" shows the crazy color, directions, and shapes some stylists will create to make a big statement.

Change, change, change. TV story development used to be about people changing their attitudes in an entertaining way. More and more it's about changing all the physical stuff. Seems like easy pickins' -- especially for some cable networks looking for a quick hit.



Hair, noses, lips, breasts, chests, legs, and arms -- there are a lot of image problems out there in TV land. Of course, this new stuff riffs off some of the more successful shows -- NBC's "The Biggest Loser," VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club," and others.

Reality shows featuring somewhat regular citizens as cast members are always looking for bigger lives. Another transformation. (Hello, "Real Housewives of Wherever"). Viewers can at least recognize the spin; advertisers, as well. There are few long-term plays here.

ABC's "Extreme Makeover" gave way to the more humble and earnest "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." CW's "Beauty and the Geek" wasn't so much about a makeover as about revealing some -- gasp -- real beauty amid the geek in us all.

All these shows can grab some of our fleeting, frivolous attention -- and then we are on to the next crying jag, dramatic pause, and surprise reveal. Most are just a basic BMW fender-bender with a Toyota.

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