Why I am not an iPhone User

  • by , September 12, 2010

I have been a Mac user for the past 7 years and I flat out refuse to use a PC for anything. With that being said, I also refuse to become a full convert to the Church of Mac. By the way, I am so not exaggerating; the Church of Mac does exist.

I have met people that own every Apple Inc. gadget and swear that in some way it makes their life that much more bearable. I love my laptop’s user friendliness, lightweight feel, and visually pleasing aesthetic, but that is where it ends. In this age of technology obsession I like to consider myself a sort of rebel, or even a hippie if you will. Which is a stark contrast to the Macintosh Snobs that I fear some of my fellow college chums have become. Come on, we all know that guy or have at least seen him in the library or coffee shop who thinks that he is so…cool, with his full Apple Artillery... Appletillary if I may (too soon?).

I have a cell phone that is just that… a phone. No camera, internet, gps, etc and I have once owned an mp3 player but lost it and was too cheap to replace it. I feel as if the overuse of these gadgets has aided in the destruction of everyday common communication. Nothing grinds my gears more than to see a stranger on the street and whisper a friendly "Hello!" only to be ignored because the music pumping through their Beats by Dre is just loud enough to drown me out. Sometimes it is as if there are a bunch of geeked-up zombies zoning out in their own gadget driven universe, oblivious to anything outside their little 3.5 inch illuminated high-resolution screen.



On the Apple website, they claim that the iPhone 4 “changes everything…again.” Apparently, this phone is so awesome that you can FINALLY “give multitasking your undivided attention”.

I just can’t help but wonder what other things aren’t getting your attention now that all of your focus can be lavished on this cold, hard, metallic, inanimate object.

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