A Few Good Words for 2001

A few good words for 2001

Community: For many of us, a discovery of the true meaning of ‘community’: shared values, generosity, empathy, spirituality, and support.

Confidence: Several advertisers have actually increased their ad spending over the same quarter 2000. Of the top 10 ad spenders according to CMR, Microsoft went up by 121%, SAP America added 123%, Fujitsu increased by 136%, and Compaq was plus 24%.

Straight talk: From George Bush, who was elected despite losing the popular vote and was initially greeted with widespread skepticism, an unvarnished and realistic assessment of what the war on terrorism will mean to America.

Priorities: Remember when the press was obsessing on Gary Condit’s affair, O.J. Simpson’s road rage, and the true meaning of a $600 tax refund? All those went (thankfully) out the window in exchange for focus on our national emergency.

Humor: Leno, Letterman, and The Daily Show took appropriate hiatuses after September 11, but came back unafraid to poke fun — yes, fun — at aspects of the tragedy.



Visible patriotism: the resurgence of American flag pins (which used to mean ‘I’m a hawk’) and ‘God Bless America’ (which used to be sung only before Philadelphia Flyers’ games)

Sportsmanship: Professional football and baseball immediately understood their priorities in light of the national emergency, yet were able to reorganize their schedules so that nothing was lost. And, not to be overlooked, baseball came up with one of the most entertaining World Series ever.

Creativity: Out of the rubble of the dot-com implosion, corporate matches and marriages borne of the need for devising new solutions.

Optimism: No matter how bad things have gotten — and September 11 was about as bad a day as this country has ever had — Americans never ever say die.

Ten: As in ‘Top Ten Lists.’ Like this one.

-- Michael Kubin is co-CEO of Evaliant, one of the web's leading sources for online ad data.

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