Just an Online Minute... DC Gets Into iTV

Some say DoubleClick's future is uncertain, but it sure doesn't look that way from the iTV side of things.

DoubleClick and Liberate Technologies, the provider of open software platforms for enhanced television, today announced that the companies intend to collaborate on the delivery of advertising to interactive television.

The two companies say this effort will enable advertisers and network operators to deliver highly targeted ads for interactive TV using the standards-based Liberate TV Platform software for the delivery of enhanced television.

The two companies have completed the initial stage of the collaboration by integrating DoubleClick's AdServer with the Liberate TV Navigator client for digital set-tops.

The companies intend to further integrate complementary functions of DoubleClick's AdServer product with the Liberate Connect Suite server software, which will allow customers to leverage more sophisticated targeting and inventory management.

"By partnering with Liberate and combining our strengths, we have created an integrated solution that will allow new and existing AdServer customers to monetize iTV content and services," said Richard Frankel, VP and General Manager of DoubleClick's AdServer division.

"We are combining the technological expertise and innovation of two leading companies to deliver tremendous new value to a powerful traditional medium," he said.



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