Ikea A Mobile Innovator

Focusing on the topic of what's wrong with online creative, Jeff Benjamin,  Chief Creative Officer at  CP+B, is highlighting some examples of ads or other initiatives where creative execution went right. Among them is the iPhone app Ikea launched this year for its mobile catalog, taking advantage of the advantages and unique capabilities of the format. That included a feature allowing users to virtually place catalog items in their homes to see how they would actually look in the living room or kitchen and capture a photo of the image.

The app also helped people discover what their own taste and style in furniture is through a series of questions narrowing down what appeals to them. "This is an idea that could have been some sort of mobile ad while someone is looking at furniture," said Benjamin. "We need to figure out an ad model for mobile that supports more than a static banner. We have to find ways to make them interactive because they can do so much more" as with the Ikea catalog.

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