Kenny On Video Content Explosion

Behavioral ads aren't going away, but the increasingly video-centric online landscape is creating "a natural reason to go behavioral," according David Kenny, Former Managing Director, Vivaki and CEO, Digitas; now President of content delivery network Akamai Technologies. "This will change ads," Kenny said of the Web's changing landscape. "This will change ad models in a big way."

In the next 3-to-5 years, Kenny is expecting a 500x increase in the amount of content being shared and consumed online. "This will change people's professional lives and personal lives," he said. Coming from my years on the agency side, Kenny has pieces of advice, including: People still seek out stories that are interesting – storytelling is the basis for competition, and it's needed more than ever. also, media planners will have to become more like publishers and publishers will have to become more like media planners. "It's not all about placement."

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