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Google Vows To Make Display 'Sexy'

Google is promising to make display advertising much more engaging, and, dare they say, "sexy," (they do, in fact, dare) The Wall Street Journal reports. "Display is bringing 'sexy' back," Barry Salzman, a Google managing director for media, said at the IAB advertising conference this week. Until now, display ads were "static" and it was "tough to engage Madison Avenue's most creative minds," Salzman said.

In five years, Salzman predicted that 75% of display ads will be "social." In other words, according to The Journal, "People will be able to comment on them, share them with friends on social networks, or 'subscribe' to them, implying that users could sign up to receive notices of when similar ads are available to watch." Salzman also said 50% of display ad campaigns will include video ads for which advertisers pay based on how many individuals viewed them, while 50% of ads will use real-time bidding technology that wasn't previously available, according to The Journal.



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