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Twitter Surpasses MySpace, Lauded By Schmidt

Twitter has surpassed MySpace in unique visitors to become the third-most popular social networking service, reports The Los Angeles Times. "According to its latest stats, Twitter has more than 160 million users and is adding 370,000 users a day."

To boot, Twitter had nearly 96 million unique visitors in August, up 76% from the same period a year ago, ComScore said. Even Google chief exec Eric Schmidt admits Twitter is a big deal. "Twitter strikes me as being a very important platform," Schmidt said during the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this week. "Twitter should be able to come up with advertising and monetization products that in our opinion are highly lucrative." MySpace, meanwhile, shed 17% in the same period, dropping to 95 million unique visitors last month. Still, Twitter and MySpace are "tiny" compared with Facebook, notes the LA Times. Yep, the top social network jumped 54% to 598 million unique visitors in August, while Microsoft's Windows Live profile, which combines the company's Web-based e-mail and other services to grabbed 140 million unique visitors.



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