I'm too sexy for my smartphone...

Today, Apple was granted a patent that will allow the company to outfit their devices with an application. No, not an “app” like the ones you buy in the iTunes store. This application gives the user (or the parent of the user) the ability to control what text shows up in emails and text messages. “Why would we filter anything?” you might ask….

It’s all about “sexting.”

I have to laugh. Seriously? Doesn’t anyone see the REAL problem here? To me, it’s the same as making marijuana illegal…or passing laws to raise the drinking age to 21. Why are those things illegal? Why do we have mandatory Sex Ed classes in school? It’s not because kids aren’t learning enough at home. It’s because they’re not learning anything at home. THAT’s the problem!

I don’t have kids…but if I did (or when I do) this won’t be my problem. I’ll talk to them at an early age. Not about “drugs” in a general sense…but about marijuana, cocaine, cigarettes, sex, homosexuality, etc. And I’ll do it while they’re young. Why? Kids are smarter than we give them credit for being. And as soon as kids are able to comprehend right from wrong, they’re old enough to comprehend the negative (and positive) effects of those things I listed. Does that make me a “raging liberal?” Probably. But do reactive education programs help anyone?...ever?



[I’m questioning why a teenager would have a $200 phone…but that’s neither here nor there…]

What’s wrong with sexting, anyway (I mean, I don’t do it…but I don’t see anything wrong with a teen doing it)? If they’re sexting, they’re not actually DOING anything. If they can’t sext, will they start having phone sex? Will our phones soon scan our vocal conversations for inappropriate words and phrases? Or will they just meet up to take care of business the old fashioned way?

Sext away, I say. Aside from the embarrassment of someone finding your phone and reading the transcript of your cyber-sexcursions, it’s fairly harmless. “Safe sex,” for sure.

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