Draw me in with a good story, then I'll buy your game.

Speaking to the generation of videogamers

The game "Fallout" is like reading an interactive novel where you are the protagonist, and there is an unlimited amount of content you can get yourself into. It's like reading those goosebumps books where you choose to go next, only those suck because you almost always die. Well, I guess you always die in games too, thank goodness for auto-save? Anyways, like a novel, there are some things that you have to read over and over to find out more.

The game has content that provides you with new things to discover. I'm not sure what my point is here, but I'm compelled to play this game having only watched my roommate play it. At the same time, I would place a time limit to my playing, as I'm afraid it will be too compelling. Like a good book, you sometimes can't put whatever it is your immersed in down. As much as I don't spend hours playing that many games (mainly because I did that most of my childhood), I still find them to be very cool, especially now.



Discovering new things in old trends

I was always a fan of RPGs because I appreciated the story. Although I tend to turn to literature for that now, I would say I used to be a gamer for sure - more like an occasional gamer now. I still find RPGs very cool, as long as the story is good. The glory of this game, like many games now, is that you are your own protagonist, and can do mostly anything you want. You can be a villain, a hero, or both. There's an ever-present reflection of fictional ethics that forces the player to experience moral decision making, not to mention leveling up, which is one of the most addicting and realistic concepts ever!

Now why would this post matter, and what should one get out of it?

Perhaps the fact that many people play video games today, not just the "gamers." I guess you could market games to anyone, as long as there's something to pull them initially.

For myself, I like a good story that is told in a creative way in which I can take meaning from; such is learning. Using my studies in rhetoric, one must think of the audience. English majors may like RPGs, math majors may like puzzle games, architects might like real time strategies, and let's face it, everyone could use a good first person shooter to calm down after a rough day at the office.

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