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Brian Wysock

Member since September 2010

  • student Ball State University
  • 717 west Ace street
  • Muncie Indiana
  • 47303 USA

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  • Leaving the Intellectual Frontier in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 12/15/2010

    The Honest to God Truth Two words: Delicious and Diigo. Now that I'm in my four year of college, I realize that I don't need Facebook, I don't need Twitter, LinkedIn, an itouch, an ipad. I just don't need that stuff. In all my years in school, I found that I use Delicious and Diigo bookmarking [...]

  • Twitter Abuse in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 11/16/2010

    2 Things I have two different people in mind, each with their own unique methods of tweeting. When I first joined Twitter, I did so for a class, and not for personal use. I did not see an immediate need for Twitter, and I did not get tweeting. I was mostly a Facebook poster, and the [...]

  • Keep Your Close Friends, Even Closer! in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 11/09/2010

    Too Much? While admiring how cool my profile picture was, a fellow co-worker called my attention to the change of Facebook's interface. Being on Facebook for much of my online life, I didn't notice much until I refreshed the page to see a brand new feature, little text! "Now check this out," he said. "Go to [...]

  • T-Mobile's New 4G Network!?!?! in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 11/02/2010

    I have T-Mobile. I dislike T-Mobile In many situations, I can't get good service worth a darn. Wine cellars, mountain lodges, and even certain areas of my house have been deemed dead zones. But why is that the case? T-Mobile has been good to our family by providing us with a reasonably priced plan, and there's [...]

  • Civic Life, or Civic Responsibility? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 10/26/2010

    Today in my rhetoric class, we talked about civic life and individual refinement. I am trying to make a connection to technology and new media with civic life. Let me provide an example: This is what I study Civic life simply means being a good citizen, that you contribute something to society through whatever it is that [...]

  • Draw me in with a good story, then I'll buy your game. in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 10/19/2010

    Speaking to the generation of videogamers The game "Fallout" is like reading an interactive novel where you are the protagonist, and there is an unlimited amount of content you can get yourself into. It's like reading those goosebumps books where you choose to go next, only those suck because you almost always die. Well, I guess [...]

  • Your Life: Run by Computer Programs in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 10/12/2010

    I saw "The Matrix," and I loved it. I see a friend request, and now I'm afraid a mysterious computer program has doomed me to an eternal existence of either: a.) not so blind dates, or b.) not so blind dates over video chat. In "The Matrix," no one realized they were living in a [...]

  • How a Little Can Go a Long Way in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 10/05/2010

    Nowadays, it's incredibly easy to do things online. When I say "things," I mean personal business like paying bills, finding the address to your doctor's office, looking up phone numbers for small businesses, and even getting feedback from reviews that others post on a particular place. The internet never stops amazing people today with its [...]

  • Doing What You Love in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/28/2010

    Earlier today I had a fellow co-worker ask me, "What do you want to do after graduation?" I thought for a second and remembered a lesson my dad had taught me saying, "If you're happy, that's all that matters." I've been asked what I want to do after college many times, and there isn't [...]

  • Facebook Rants on Reality in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/20/2010

    Perhaps an introduction would have been appropriate for my first post on "Notes From the Digital Frontier," as I am not a very tech-savvy person. To specify, I like outdoor activities: throwing frisbee, going on bike rides, or just laying in the sun. I don't like to be online for extended periods of time; I [...]

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