T-Mobile's New 4G Network!?!?!

I have T-Mobile. I dislike T-Mobile

In many situations, I can't get good service worth a darn. Wine cellars, mountain lodges, and even certain areas of my house have been deemed dead zones. But why is that the case? T-Mobile has been good to our family by providing us with a reasonably priced plan, and there's even perks when communicating with other T-Mobile users, but I can't stand it when my connection dies in the middle of a conversation while sitting at home.

So, why do you have T-Mobile? Get Sprint!

Well, I would like to try a new service, but only for fun. Seems my family is content with the plan, and I don't have to means to divert from that, however many of my friends have told me it's worth it to change. Being a big supporter of new things, I loved the idea, but haven't the faintest idea of what service to go for. Everyday I'm swamped by ads saying, "We have the biggest 3G network," while displaying a holy map of the United States in red or blue, and that's misleading alone. Now I know T-Mobile isn't the biggest leader here, and someone once told me they'll be out of business within the next four years, but I don't know what to do.



Get a job...

Post graduation I'll consider the change, unless T-Mobile is not as affordable as it is now, but I have a feeling that everyone is going to be paying more for their phone services in the next four years. T-Mobile has recently declared that they will have a 4G network soon with their myTouch4G, which in my opinion is a game of catch-up. Seems they're bringing the tail end of this technology like its Eminem's latest album, but really that technology is about to be old school. Pretty soon, we won't all just be paying for good service anywhere in the country, but also internet accessibility with all its capabilities, and I don't know how I feel about that. Sure it's good to have the internet anywhere you want, but I'm a poor college student and can't afford an i-pad, i-phone, android phone, or whatever else is $300 plus monthly service fees.

When that day comes

I'll be rolling in the cash. I may stick with T-Mobile, but there's a good chance I'll throw down some extra bills to pay for better coverage. Really, that's what matters most to me. As long as I can speak clearly, or text/skype/i.m. someone without interference, I'm happy, but I'd prefer actually hearing someone's voice over their textual interpretations.

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