Many versions of mobile/digital apps: The cost and the challenge

In producing a variety of digital content, the cost of production of has become a issue.

"The cost side of things is a challenge," says Kelly Day, executive vp and general manager of digital media and commerce for Discovery Communications, in speaking at the OMMA Publish: Entertainment event. "The business of a digital presence is a lot more complicated."

She says when her team creates content there are a growing number of issues -- different versions of mobile apps; flash video versus HTML5, and other concerns. "The industry's is a little behind in infrastructure," says Day. "It's a good business for someone."

Still, Michel Kripalani, president of Oceanhouse Media, which produced a Dr. Seuss app -- "Dr. Seuss' ABC" -- says its all relative. He says the content owner of Seuss brand makes as much money as selling a $4 app as they do selling a $15 book.

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