LinkedIn Launches 'Company Pages'


LinkedIn Monday announced an upgraded version of its company profiles called Company Pages designed to help businesses better showcase products and services with additional features and functionality.

The revamped profiles allow page administrators to highlight particular products or services and tailor product lists to different types of audiences. The new layout also lets companies feature product videos as well as targeted display advertising.

LinkedIn members visiting Company Pages can also post recommendations and reviews of products or services and those recommendations will appear in their own profiles as well. Businesses can also write and share their own endorsements.

The idea is to encourage employees, customers and others to spread word-of-mouth about a company throughout the LinkedIn network to boost sales and interaction. (Of course, word-of-mouth can work against as well as for a business.) With Facebook and Twitter becoming increasingly important marketing tools for companies, LinkedIn wants to maintain its edge as a business-focused network with 80 million professional users.



Earlier this year, LinkedIn added the ability for members to follow companies on the site as they might follow other users on Twitter or "Like" a brand on Facebook. Some 30 million LinkedIn users are now following over 1 million companies to find out about new job openings or new hires or promotions and other company developments.

"Company Pages take product and service recommendations to another level, allowing professionals to benefit from the considered perspectives of those whom they trust and relate to the most -- the people they know," said LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, in a statement. The company is expected to formally unveil the new-look corporate pages at a Tuesday event in New York.

Companies already sporting a new presence on LinkedIn through the upgrade include AT&T Business Solutions, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Philips and Widgetbox.

The Company Pages are powered by the LinkedIn's new InPages platform, which product and service recommendations, allows them to spotlight star employees on the Careers tab.

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  1. Jennifer Vides from Jennifer Vides, November 2, 2010 at 6:04 p.m.

    Ah, the possibilities - especially for small businesses. Interested to see what the Linkedin Haters think.

  2. ANSHUL GUPTA, November 6, 2010 at 12:18 p.m.


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