Juggling The Platforms In 2010: Celebrities Recognize The Importance Of Digital Presence

Headlines pour in each day expressing how technology is changing the way we communicate. Across the board these changes affect how business is conducted in virtually every industry. In the entertainment industry, the technology revolution has created opportunities for individual artists, movie studios and production houses everywhere to reach fans in new and innovative ways. It has also opened up avenues for new stars to shine, not on the silver screen but on computers and mobile devices.

The latest influx of young Hollywood stars embrace the Web in order to strengthen their fan base and reach new audiences successfully. The old ways of Hollywood have changed with the introduction of each new platform and in order to stay relevant and remain pertinent, celebrities need to pave a digital path. Whether it's with Twitter, Facebook, smartphone applications, YouTube, Tumblr or viral videos, celebrities recognize that in order to resonate with today's audience and build affinity they must concentrate on establishing a digital presence.



The truth is, while everyday people have taught themselves how to utilize the Internet to gain exposure, some of the most popular stars have struggled with understanding how to use the Web to ensure that they are digitally connecting to their fans.

Stars now have the tools to successfully engage with their global fanbase through various online platforms. Connecting with the public through personal websites, social media channels and exclusive contests, celebrities can offer intimate looks into their lives while building affinity among audiences and sharing person-to-person dialogue with fans on the Web.

According to recent reports, mobile viewing of YouTube content grew 160% in 2009 and that number is expected to grow even more in 2010. Mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones are landing in the hands of individuals worldwide and the potential to reach an instant, global audience is now a reality. By engaging audiences with entertaining and fun mobile applications and games, celebrities and stars, whether they are musicians, comedians, actors or athletes, are building an even stronger base of devoted followers.

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  1. Scott Smith from Ayeah Games, November 8, 2010 at 5:06 p.m.

    Thanks for the post Adam. This is a really interesting trend to watch. I think part of the appeal of the old tabloid magazines was how they got their readers closer to major celebrities. With the increasingly social nature of the web, fans can very easily follow their favorite stars and even discuss the latest trends with others just like them.

    Scott Stephen Smith
    Community Manager at Ayeah Games

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