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Visions Of iPads Dance In Kids' Heads

Forget about Slinkys, BMX bikes, or anything without an internal operating system. According to an October survey by Nielsen (as reported by the Los Angeles Times), preteens want an Apple iPad more than any other holiday gift. A full 31% of children 6-to-12 said they wanted an iPad, and nothing else! (At that age, we were lucky to get a Rubik's Cube!)

Tied for second place -- each with 29% of the vote - were Apple's iPod Touch and a computer from an unspecified brand. The Nintendo DS portable video game console came fourth place, with 25%, while the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console and any (non-iPhone) smart phone, and any mobile phone all tied for fifth place. Meanwhile, teenagers expressed an interest in a new computer -- 20% -- more than any gift, followed by a new television and a (non-iPhone) smart phone. The iPad was next with 18%, followed by a Blu-ray video disc player with 17%.

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