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Mobile Ad Rev To Hit $24B By 2015

  • Bloomberg, Thursday, November 25, 2010 10:51 PM
Mobile advertising revenue will rise tenfold to about $24.1 billion by 2015, with much of that growth coming from China and India, according to Informa Telecoms & Media. The Asia Pacific Developing region will account for the largest share by 2015, at 30.9%, driven by "strong growth" from China and India. North America will account for 18% of the market in 2015. The Asia Pacific Developed region, including Japan and South Korea, will fall to 21.7% from about 43.6% this year.

Google and Apple have both bought mobile advertising businesses in the past year to take advantage of consumers' increasing use of mobile devices to buy goods and services. Google bought Admob in May for $750 million and Apple paid more than $200 million for Quattro Wireless in January.



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