MidCenturyTV Site Traffics In Nostalgic TV


In contrast to other new premium TV sites started recently, MidCenturyTV.com has launched with seemingly little conflict with the major TV networks and studios. 

The Corvallis, Ore.-based MidCenturyTV's focus is old TV shows -- really old TV -- from 1948 to 1974.

"I have experienced firsthand the difficulty of getting straight to the links of the great old shows," stated Bob Poulsen, president of MidCenturyTV. "So I created this site to give quick access to what users search for most: free, studio-authorized shows online."

The site offers video to Hulu, TVLand and CBS.com, which the company says eliminates the problem of combing through thousands of search results. Classic TV shows are available online -- mostly for free. They are searchable along with its older prime-time schedules and a complete guide to DVDs of those shows, if available.

Poulsen says MidCenturyTV.com will be a minimalist kind of TV portal in this area, with a simply designed Web site.

Newer TV show sites -- FilmOn and ivi TV -- have run into legal problems with the TV networks in airing current premium TV shows.

Previously, Poulsen helped develop a media guide called Ecola Newsstand.



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