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Disney: Don't Count Out Google TV

  • Reuters, Tuesday, November 30, 2010 1:18 PM
Despite some initial hiccups, it would be unwise to call Google's Web TV play dead in the water. Indeed, according to Reuters, Walt Disney -- one of several networks to recently remove its content from Google TV - is talking with the search giant about giving it another go. While the two companies remain far apart on piracy concerns, Disney's TV chief Anne Sweeney tells Reuters that ABC's online shows could wind up on Google TV. "It's fair to say there's conversation with Google," Sweeney told Reuters and the Reuters Media Summit.

"More conversations are planned with them," she said, adding, "I can't characterize them as negotiations." According to Reuters, Sweeney said the talks have been mostly focused on Disney's concerns about piracy issues. Following blackouts from Disney's ABC, along with NBC, CBS, and Fox, Viacom just recently decided to take its content off Google TV. Along with Google losing its content partners, top tech reviewers recently panned the service. Under the headline, "Google TV: No Need to Tune In Just Yet," The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg wrote that Google "missed the mark."

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