Latecomers Opposing Comcast-NBC Deal: Someone Needs To Dream Bigger

It's already December -- yet more companies are still announcing their opposition to Comcast's takeover of NBC Universal.

It's weird that almost exactly a year after the initial announcement of the deal, companies are only now realizing there is a problem here. The group called NetCoalition doesn't like the influence the new media company would have.  NetCoalition says it represents, Bloomberg LP, eBay, Google, IAC/InterActive Corp, Wikipedia and Yahoo (this according to a release. The Los Angeles Timessays Google and Yahoo are not part of this action - but they could be. In Google's case, I'm sure it wishes NBC Universal had less leverage when it comes to the likes of Google TV).

Bloomberg has already had issues with Comcast - -with its main concern that CNBC will get an unfair advantage in the TV business channel space. Bloomberg has its cable business channel Bloomberg TV to consider.



That leaves primarily three retail-based consumer sites -- Amazon, IAC/InterActive Corp and eBay. What that tells me is they are worried about Internet access -- all those potential broadband-restricting issues Comcast has played around with in the past.

I'm not sure how all this will sway regulators, considering there are still plenty of media "choices" for consumers. Perhaps it's an effort to lessen other Comcast advantages, any theoretical business leverage that goes into being the bigger overall cable system player, with a voice that presumably carries more weight now that it will have broadcast entities and a dominating broadband service.

Comcast/NBC Universal's new business-to-business ad campaign doesn't shy away from this idea, with a tag line that says it all: "Dream Big."

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