Fantasy Media

My guilty pleasure is fantasy football. I check my fantasy team on ESPN at least once each day and am always looking for a way to improve my team. Because I keep up with the NFL on a daily basis, I can say that I have done pretty well to this point in the season.

Not only has fantasy football polished my understanding of football players; it has also opened me up to different media sources that have been extremely helpful.


Believe it or not, people make a living by suggesting which players you should have on your fantasy team. These guys have it made.

Have you ever heard that meteorologists are the only professionals that can be wrong more than they are right and still get paid? Well, this applies to fantasy football “experts” as well.

Even though it is nearly impossible to guess which wide receiver will have the most catches in any given week, I would trust the advice from these fantasy football podcasts over my own opinion any day of the week.



I never thought that podcasts would be for me. I also never thought that fantasy football would be the one thing that opened me up to the wonderful world of podcasts. But hey—I’d do just about anything to have that worthless trophy show up on my computer screen in a couple of weeks.

Message Boards

What’s better than taking advice from fantasy football experts? Taking advice from fans that think they are experts!

But in all seriousness, message boards are invaluable in fantasy football. I have found advice on how to start a league, which players will be affected by a teammate’s injury, and everything in between:

• Which players to start/sit (with explanations)
• Specific trade advice
• Players to add to your team
• Injury updates
• Offers to join new leagues

I’m careful about how much I trust the information on message boards, but people are generally very helpful


There’s something to take away from this. People have become more interested in the NFL because they now have stake in it. Some play fantasy football for the money; others are just satisfied with winning.

Either way, it is obvious that there are opportunities to be exploited—both business ventures and media opportunities. All you have to do is get people involved.

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