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Skype Video Calling Hits iPhone (1.3 Billion Chinese Sigh)

  • Edgadget, Thursday, December 30, 2010 4:03 PM
Giving China even more reason to ban it, Skype has unveiled a video calling for its iPhone App. The feature is no surprise, but the timing is. Writes Endgadget: "All signs have been pointing to this release for a few days now, but we'll admit: we expected Skype to wait until CES next week to pull the covers off what could become its crown jewel service over the coming months."

Gadget blogs spent the day playing with and posting video demos of the new feature, so the timing is either counter-programming (Skype feared it would get lost in the CES clutter), an indication Skype has something else planned for CES (Verizon iPhone App), or an effort to sap some of the impact from move by the Chinese (see headline above).

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