Oh, Yeah? Prove It!

  • by January 14, 2011
As we head into the new year, it's always fun to read the predictions and look back on the year we had. As is the case again this year, video is one of the hottest topics of conversation.

This year, we'll look at video in a new way. Last year at this time, we primarily thought of TV when the word was mentioned. Twelve months later, "video" can mean anything: viral, digital, place based, in-stream, branded, social, mobile, and more.

In 2011, there is going to be increased pressure on the distribution companies for these video outlets to prove their value to advertisers. A company can have the greatest idea or platform for an advertiser, but if they can't prove that promotion will increase key attributes toward ROI, then it will be difficult to garner support. In fact, The 2011 Digital Video Advertising Trendsstudy we recently released with Advertiser Perceptions shows that advertisers cite both a lack of standardized performance metrics and difficulty measuring ROI as the top barriers to further adoption.

Break's Ad Study results reveal that 41% of advertisers have difficulty measuring ROI of their digital video advertising and would actually invest a lot more dollars if the issue didn't exist. ComScore, Nielsen, and a host of others are also stepping up to the plate to be an effective resource for clients and agencies. And there's no doubt that the stream of video dollars will continue to flow away from TV as the value of the various other video platforms is quantified.

Here's to digital video ROI in 2011!

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