Business Pros Embrace Wireless

  • December 17, 2002
When it comes to wireless phone usage, business professionals embrace advanced features that would enable them to receive business-related news and breaking news via their cellular telephones, according to research released yesterday by More than 550 users participated in the study, which was conducted with SmartServ in November 2002. Highlights include:
  • Professional/managerial respondents are more likely to use advanced features on their cell phones and to consider new features in their next cell phone purchase.
  • 36% of all respondents expressed interest in subscribing to business-related news delivered through their cell phones; 51% for general news/services, and 24% for entertainment and commerce news/services.
  • Nearly 20% who are interested in receiving business news via cell phone indicated they would be willing to pay more than $1 per month for such services; 16% would be willing to pay for general news/services, and 15% for entertainment news/services.
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