Industry Lexicon: Clickstream and Keystream Data

CIMM's Set-Top Box Data Lexicon was designed to create a common language of terms and definitions for the Set-Top Box data space and is an important step in expanding the understanding and ultimate adoption of Set-Top Box data as an accepted industry measurement. The CIMM Word-A-Week column, culled from the Lexicon, is designed to help implement a common language for Set-Top Box data which ideally will, in turn, expedite the data usage in the industry.

Previously, we broke down and defined all the different varieties of Set-Top Boxes -- those that can provide data and those that can't. This week we continue with the basics, defining the terms Clickstream Data (which exists in many areas of the tuning environment and Keystream Data (which is clickstream data specific to the remote). These data sources are the wellspring of all datapoints and can help form the basis of the measurement metrics, depending on which and how granular the data they can deliver. The collection of clickstream data, how it is processed and what edit rules and algorithms are applied against it, form the arguments both for and against the roll out of Set-Top box data for various measurement uses in the industry. 



Clickstream (Data)

See also: Keystream Data

CIMM DEFINITION : A record of usage activity, for example, a visitor clicking on the internet or a viewer watching through a Set-Top Box using a remote, that is used for advertising measurement in an anonymized form.  

2 : "A combination of all viewer-generated activity measurement on a Set-Top Box, including keystream data (i.e., button pushes via a remote), interactive data (i.e., response measurement from interactive applications and ad enhancements), linear viewing data (i.e., channel changes), and explicit interest data (i.e., information provided by the viewer to an interactive application, such as stock symbols, favorite sports team, or yellow pages search terms)." (Source: FourthWall Media)


Keystream Data

See also: Clickstream Data

CIMM DEFINITION : The collected measurement of all keys / buttons pressed on a TV Remote Control, along with precise timing for each keypress. This term has been coined to resolve the ambiguity of "clickstream" which has been used in various contexts to represent linear channel change data or key press data, or both. (Source: FourthWall Media)

Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.

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